Party Rappers

Party Rappers

Rap Music or Hip Hop Music – the music Genre formed in the United States of America, has captured the world of music globally by luring youngsters and people from different walks of life toward stylized rhythmic music – accompanying rapping, a rhythmic and rhyming speech that is chanted. Rappers often draw attention for their performance and clothing as well as jewellery they wear.

Calling party rappers is a common phenomenon now-a-days and it is also becoming the most favorite part of entertainment and enjoying celebration. From bachelor parties to wedding ceremonies, birthday parties to different types of events, party rappers are invited to add more spark in the event and make it the memorable day. Now, inviting party rappers is easy and a matter of few simple clicks now. MC SID is the right platform to fulfill your desire for rap music nights as the leading platform has been introducing new wave of entertainment. Siddhartha Sood, popularly known as SID is a Punjabi Wedding Rapper and the best rapper singer in Delhi offers you live entertainment and live rap music to tickle your funny bone.

He is the best party rapper singer, ready to provide you the best of rap music by throwing out those rhymes and keep everyone in a great mood. He sings so beautifully to make them groove to every beat and now thing what if he and his team put both those talents in one person. Sid offers a perfect blend of Eminem and Russell Peters to perform with full keenness and interrelate with the audience through rap. He sings the blend of rap music to keep audiences in good humor with such spontaneity that leaves his audience longing for more – almost always he has guests wanting him to pick on them for a few hard laughs.

Songs and music of this best rapper singer in Delhi mingles with the music and DJ without any setbacks so that party continues with full zing. Live entertainment offered by SID is interactive and good mix of music, humor and celebration to entertain the guests. Introducing new genre of rapping and at the same time as roasting the guests, Sid really deserves thumbs up.

Entertainment shows organized by Sid are energy packed and come with lots of surprise.