Siddharth Rapper

Siddharth Rapper

Whether it is a wedding ceremony, Bachelor’s party, Ladies Sangeet, Live shows, or any kind of other event, where music adds extra fire in the fun and celebration, rapper singers creates an entirely different way by keeping all guests busy in a new wave of entertainment.

Siddharth Sood aka MC Sid is one of a kind free style rap artist. He has been a VJ with Channel [V] on the show Channel [V] VJ Freshers. He has also worked with VH1 for VH1 HIP HOP HUSTLE. Not to mention his performance in the capacity of an Emcee and opened the show for celebrity artist like MOBB DEEP and AKON at the BIG V CONCERT PRE PARTY in Mumbai.

Rapper SID (Rapper Siddharth) has been introducing a new wave of entertainment. The famous Punjabi Wedding rapper, a freestyle rapper, is ready to keep you entertained and busy in a new genre of music for wedding day, ladies Sangeet, Bachelor’s party and other events to tickle your funny bone and to add just the right dose of funk, jest and humor. He knows how to make you and your guests laugh loudly and let teary eyed. He throws out those rhymes and keeps everyone in a great mood; while making them groove to every beat.

Siddharth Rapper is a mix of Eminem and Russell Peters performing with full enthusiasm and interacts with the audience through rap. He keeps audience busy in good humor with such spontaneity that leaves his audience longing for more – almost always he has guests wanting him to pick on them for a few hard laughs. His passion and the way of roasting guests mingle with the music and DJ without any setback so that the party continues with full zing. Not to mention the fun sessions that are interactive and good mix of music, humor and fun to entertain you and your guests.

Sid Rapper deserves thumbs up for introducing this genre of rapping and at the same time as roasting the guests. Energy packed sessions and lots of surprises are sure to keep you busy and persuade you to invite him in all events for music that is different and keep you stand for hours with laugh and fun all around. Musical roast offered by him is quirky, lively and thoroughly entertaining for one and all assuring to keep the guests in complete awe and spirits.