Wedding Mc Delhi

Wedding Mc Delhi

Dial the Best Wedding MC Delhi for Your Grand Wedding Day Live Entertainment

Indian weddings hold a sense of strong family values. It is not only a special day for the married-to-be couple, but special day for family members, relatives, friends and colleagues for get-together in great spirits. Fully decorated venue, music, food, and fun make Indian weddings what they are.

Big fat weddings with loud music, grand celebration and lavish keep guests busy for more days in different celebrations. Dancing for the duration of Ladies Sangeet Night often persuades people to call singers or DJs for dance and dance only. Now-a-days, getting along with the new entertainment trends, many of the Indian weddings are going Gaga with rap. Put simply, Ladies Sangeet has now turned into fully orchestrated staged performances. Among different options of entertainment specialists in the wedding space, rapper singers are the most preferred one.

This wedding season, if you are looking for the best wedding MC in Delhi & NCR or anywhere in the country, dial Siddharth Sood (SID) – a freestyle rapper who will turn up your wedding day event to custom-rap for your lover, your best pal, for your relatives and even for your family member. This rapper-singer and the old former Channel [V] VJ chooses to introduce all of us to his curious profession. Being a part of new breed that has reinvented genres to vibe with the changing tastes of Indian youth, Sid opened for Akon, performed with rapper-wrestler Rey Mysterio and Mobb Deep; while he has been parts of Gigs for VH1’s Hip Hop Hustles.

Siddhartha Sood aka MC SID has emerged as one of a kind wedding rapper. His spontaneity and the use of Punjabi break beats in rap always mesmerize guests. His rap has an eclectic Punjabi touch that has been in vogue – totally increasing the appreciation of his talent.

Sid can sing anything according to the wedding theme or by seeing someone in any antique dressing. He knows how to localize things. Depending on the way he is performing, you will hear him rap in Punjabi, Telugu and Marathi. With his rapping, people can sing along because he doesn’t have an accent; besides, by adding the local flavor, he keeps audience on a high.

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