"The Wedding Rapper"

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Youngsters or Bachelor Party / Dirty 30 /Naughty 40 & Family Roast!

The time of year is here again where every nook and corner of the city hollers out “mere yaar ki shaadi hai”; and the newspaper society sections are thick with marriage announcements. As the last windy weeks of autumn give way to the cold days of winter, wedding season has arrived — and with it, never ending bachelor parties or sometimes know as the youngsters parties - “ The last fling before the ring...


When somebody tells you that they attended a wedding, what comes to your mind is the colorful and beautiful ambience with the longest menu of food on the plate and the best of music. You can only experience an Indian wedding when your experience is larger than life and to be remembered for the rest of your life. It’s not merely a celebration with your immediate family but it involves the get together of...

King of pool & beach parties

Bigger the event; greater the impact!! This is what is perceived of entertainment in Weddings and parties.  They create moments to be cherished for life. Theme weddings have always been big business churners for a gamut of verticals that are associated with it; be it catering, décor, entertainment or trousseau. But what has caught with the imagination of the youth in the recent past is the fun & entertainment quotient for their weddings. In the last decade or so,...